Jessica Fuller

Owner and cake artist Jessica Fuller brings a unique vision to the cake world that will leave your guests wowed by her gorgeous works of cake art. She focuses on original designs, delivering a unique and beautiful cake, and thrives in the creative outlet that is her cake art. Jess has years of experience creating art in unexpected forms; an eye for timeless style; and a passion for color, form, and texture, which is put to use creating stunning pieces of cake art.

If you are looking for clean, contemporary style inspired by art, literature, architecture and nature, incorporating beautiful details and rich textures, you have come to the right place. Each cake is its own unique masterpiece—a fusion of taste and style. Her designs feature visual balance, elegance and sophistication.

Jess started her baking journey with non-traditional baking for alternative diets, and from this beginning developed fantastic flavors for both traditional and non-traditional cakes. She is well-versed in food allergies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions and prides herself in creating delectable confections for everyone. Not only are her cakes fantastic to look at, they also taste amazing.